Our specialist areas: Information technology, telecommunications law, data protection law, industrial property law, competition law, media law, copyright, contract design and contract law, procedures for awarding contracts and the law on the award of contracts, European law and international contract law, consumer protection.


We deal with concession rights and licensing procedures, the interconnection of networks and related legal issues, and clarify any legal matters in connection with dissemination. We also specialise in questions of call termination and other bulk transactions, as well as the associated legal and financial issues.

Electronic media

The licensing procedures under media law are extremely complex, and are subject to a high level of possible interventions by the authorities. The law on radio and television for the approval of new programmes and services in the media sector continues to set demanding requirements. We help you to fulfil these.


The distribution of programmes and services via cable or satellite raises various questions of Swiss, European and international law. Here it is a matter of making optimum use of the applicable provisions – there is room for negotiation which we know how to use on your behalf.

Information technology

The Internet encounters the same legal questions as the “real world”; it is just that these are judged according to the specific circumstances of the worldwide web. Its international character leads almost inevitably to conflicts in the area of protection of names and trademarks, as well as in competition law. Thanks to pioneering experience in this field, we are in a position to advise you and represent you competently in this area.

Content and intellectual property

Through the regulation of questions of copyright law which has been more or less satisfactory for all those involved, over the last few years numerous regulations and tariffs have come into being in Switzerland, and applying them properly is no easy matter. Moreover, the relevant legislation is once again in the course of being revised.


Our many years of good relations with the representatives of holders of rights on the one hand and with performing rights societies and other copyright holders on the other hand enable us to negotiate the copyright side of each media project competently and in the interests of our clients.